Workout Programs

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Fat Loss

Body weight refers to the weight on the weighing scale. It includes the weight of your muscles, bones, organs, blood, fat, water etc. in your body, whereas, body fat refers to the extra inches of subcutaneous fat all over the body. It shows in the form of ugly tyres around the waist & abdomen, sagging skin on the chest & back of the arm and cellulite on the hips & thighs.
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Mass Gain / Weight Gain

In this section we have two different programs. One is for men and women who are underweight i.e. their BMI <= 17.5 kg/m2, (Check BMI Calculator) or their physical appearance shows that they do not have enough skin and have underdeveloped muscles as per their height & bone structure.
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Total Fitness

We help you achieve strong & well conditioned heart & lungs through cardiorespiratory activities, strong bones & muscles with better functional independence through resistance training, a more flexible & less injury prone body through stretching, low body fat percentage and a better physical appearance through a balanced and all round training.
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