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Fat Loss

Body weight refers to the weight on the weighing scale. It includes the weight of your muscles, bones, organs, blood, fat, water etc. in your body, whereas, body fat refers to the extra inches of subcutaneous fat all over the body. It shows in the form of ugly tyres around the waist & abdomen, sagging skin on the chest & back of the arm and cellulite on the hips & thighs.

Of course it is important to shed the extra fat as well as the extra weight, but in some individuals even though they get a slimmer appearance with regular exercise, their fat loss is more than the weight loss. This is absolutely normal! Certain people may weigh more due to a broad structure, heavy bones, more muscle mass, more water etc. So they will lose more of body fat rather than body weight.

Anyways, feeling fitter and looking slimmer & in shape is what everyone wants at the end of the day. We help you achieve that with our tailor made workout & diet routines.

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