At Sculpt, Personal attention is given to each & every individual.

Everybody is different and so is every BODY! Different people have different fitness goals and thus multiple people cannot be given a standard program on diet & exercise. We at Sculpt, provide tailor made workouts and diet regimes after assessing the individual's current fitness level, fitness goal, life style & habits, food preferences, time constraints and injury or medical history, if any.

The facility is managed by Yashmeen & Amit with the help of their trained staff to provide personalized attention to each and every individual in a friendly and hygienic environment. Yashmeen herself is a source of inspiration and acts as the torch bearer towards a fit & healthy life style.

Amit is a Mechanical Engineer and a Certified Personal Trainer from K11 fitness academy. He takes care of individual diet plans which are practical, realistic and easy to follow. He makes sure that the Utilities and Machines are in good working order to see you through your workouts effectively and safely.



Spacious and well equipped with state of the art strength and cardiorespiratory machines. Every individual is well taken care of as per their respective fitness goals. Apart from catering to General Population for their Fat loss, Mass Gain or General fitness requirements, we are very well experienced to take care of special population, i.e. people suffering from Heart Diseases, Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, Back / Joint Problems, Under Post Surgery Rehabilitation course, Pre Natal & Post Natal cases etc.


Aerobic workout sessions at Sculpt are fun filled and tailor made by Yashmeen, to be very interesting by inclusions of different dance forms like Belly Dance, Hiphop, Bhangra & Bollywood Dancing apart from high energy Combat Aerobics & Boot camps in addition to regular ones like Step and Floor Aerobics. Aerobics at Sculpt includes all the important components of a balanced fitness routine i.e. Warm up, Dynamic & Static Stretches, Resistance / Strength Training, Cardio Respiratory Training, Body Conditioning & cool down.

Nutrition & Supplements

Balanced nutrition is a very important part of any fitness regime and special attention is paid towards the same. Diet plans are realistic, easy to follow and based on staple food items prepared in Indian homes. In addition, we provide guidelines on how to frame a healthful diet & maintain optimal weight and health forever. While exercise & nutrition are the corner stones of a strong body, nutritional supplements can make a real difference. If required, we suggest dietary supplements designed for losing weight, optimizing performance, increasing muscle mass and improving strength.